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The Indigo School of Light is a series of ancient wisdom programs for Adult's an children. We are living in a time of a divine spiritual shift and upgrades. Many people are finding themselves feeling more drawn towards healing arts and alchemy. Because of this great shift of consciousness much advanced spiritual work is needed to help raise the vibration and awareness of our inner selves first to shift our outer world secondary. ALL change starts from within first. The challenge of today is to take back that power, because we have been taught in reverse to fix the outer first. I.S.O.L programs are designed to do just that! We are filling in the gaps with ancient spiritual knowledge to awaken the higher self. We are now realizing that our current school systems and society is very individualistic, left brained, outdated and lacking in true metaphysical and spiritual conscious and sub-conscious training. We are moving into the 5th dimension therefore, in order to survive and thrive these skill sets are necessary in your growth. It is your choice and free will to expand your knowledge base on these changes and paradigm shifts. Understanding all 4 of your body systems; emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual is very important and necessary to gain the proper inner-standing of self and our evolving planetary upgrades. The Universal Source is very smart in that unique schools like this is set up to ensure that their are outlets for those who seek and feel the call to come and gain what was lost but is now awakened and being reintroduced. Welcome back to your pure untainted loving self. Ase'O.

~Zema Love Fire Founder/Director.

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The Indigo School of Light

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