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Events and  Self -Development Services

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Join us Saturday September 25, 2021 11:30am-2:30pm. If you have never experienced a reiki session and are curious here's your chance to try it out! The average reiki session starts at $45.00. At this clinic you can try it for whatever you can give as a donation! Yayyyy! If you have a hug, products, crystals, or produce that you would like to barter that's welcomed too! See you there! Give yourself the energy medicine your body so deserves! There will be 3-4 Reiki Master's ready to serve!!!

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The  "Love Within" Ceremony

Saturday October 2, 2021 11am-3pm

I Am Ascension Temple, Atlanta, Ga

1057 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd. Atlanta, Ga. 30310

Join Sacred Woman and Divine Plant Medicine Teacher/Guide Zema Love Fire Wadjet Sat-Ra for an inner-movement journey within. Zema will guide a small group of people through a journey of healing as we enjoy plant medicines, live medicine music, vibrational healing, inner breath work, guided meditations, stress release, intention setting, and light vegan refreshments. This will be a safe space covered in love and protection. Bring a journal! Seats will fill up fast! Invite a friend and don't miss out! For more info or questions please call or text 470-242-1659 or email

Investment is $100.00 plus $4.50 to cover fees (PayPal button). You can also pay $100.00 to Zelle at and include your name and phone number. 

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Birth Light Spiritual Assessment Divination

Uncover and cultivate your spiritual gifts

For adults and children

I specialize in working with you to identify and cultivate your spiritual gifts. But first lets discover what they are and how you can strengthen them and utilize them to change your life in ways you could never have imagined! In this package you receive a detailed email that explains your gifts and recommendations to assist you. You also receive a one hour Zoom or phone call to assist with questions and/or recommendations. Allow 2 weeks for turnaround. For those with multiple requests within one household a discounted price can be offered. Please call for details 470-242-1659.

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The Indigo School of Light

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