Spring Workshops & Classes


Come learn the ancient origin of waist beads, how to make them, cleanse them, bless them, and program them for your individual use. This is a great workshop for you and your girlfriends, as well as mothers and daughters! You will also be provided vegan soup/salad lunch! Don't wait! Register TODAY!!! Invite your friends! See you there!

LIMITED SPACE!!! Ages 7 and up! 

Single $33.33

Buddy Deal $55.55

Single $33.33      Buddy Deal $55.55

Back to Balance 3 Class Series 5.0-5.2 Zoom Online

$11 for one or $33 for all. 

Pay for ALL 3 Classes Here!!!

May 14, 2020 8pm Zoom Online Class

In this class we will do a guided meditation led by Minister Zema Love Fire. This meditation will allow you to be introduced to your Spirit Guide. This is a super powerful meditation for ages 12 and up! sign up today!  $11 per class $33 for all three.

May 20, 2020 8pm Zoom online Class

In this class we will do a Money Magic Ritual! Please have a white or green candle and some fake money or paper on hand for this class! Lets open up our abundance at such a stressed time to gain access to our gifts and blessings that still await us! sign up now! $11 or $33 or all three.

May 27, 2020 8pm Zoom online Class

In this class we will cater and tend to the heart. At such a stressful time, our hearts are aching and could use some tender loving care. We will practice the art and technique of "Heart Breathing". This sends loving and cooling energy to our hearts. You will certainly love this! Sign up today! $11 or $33 for all 3 classes!

The Indigo School of Light